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Do you feel that the roof is showing signs of aging and wear? If yes, then it is high time you should think about calling a roof repairs Adelaide company? It can help restore the roof to as good as new. However, before calling a roof repair service, you must know how much will it cost? Indeed, it is not possible to estimate the cost with 100 percent accuracy, but you can derive at some ballpark figure.

Here is an example of a roof repair estimate:

Cleaning of the roof- 250$ to 400$ depending on the condition of the roof.

Roof repair – 200$ to 500$ depending on the size.

Metal roof repairs take 50 to 60 dollars per square meter. Here, a spot leak repair is done, or the entire sheet is replaced. The tiled roofs take around 55$ to 65$ dollars. In the tiled roof, cracked tiles are replaced. If the damage is severe, then you may have to replace all the tiles. The cost goes up in such a situation.


If you need a complete roof restoration, then a restoration company may charge between 2000$ to 2500$ approximately. Roof restoration of a tiled roof is costly. It will take around 4500 to 10000 dollars depending on the size of the roof. Again, these are figures to give you a broad idea. The actual cost may be higher or lower than the estimated value.

However, there shouldn’t be a variation of more than 10-20 percent if the repair company is experienced one.

What all is involved in roof repair?

The first thing one should remember that roof repair requires specialized skills. Also, there are safety implications. Hence, it is not a DIY project. Hence, you need a restoration company that offers the best repair services. What all is needed to bring the roof in pink of its health depends on what type of roof is? Is it a metal roof or tiled roof? Are there shingles on the roof? When the repair company inspects the condition, it checks the extent of damage that has happened to the roof.


The more is the damage, the higher the cost is. After having the first-cut inspection, the repair company gives you an estimate. The overall roof repair cost depends on how costly the repair service is. If it is a well-known company, then the price will be more. Instead of paying extravagantly to a company for its brand, you should give preference to the quality of work.

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